Customized Laser Treatment

In performing Laser Vision Correction surgery, technology, judgment and the surgeon’s experience make all the difference in your results. Dr. Chaiken combines the most innovative computer software of the WaveScan® with the advances of the VISX® STAR S4 IR Excimer Laser for your best results.

CustomVue is the process of reshaping your cornea using your individualized wavefront measurements to give you your Personal Best Vision. If you are a candidate for CustomVue, your unique correction information is transferred from the WaveScan® to the VISX® STAR S4 IR Excimer Laser and guides the laser throughout the procedure. Dr. Chaiken’s use of WaveScan® technology allows him to utilize each individual’s imperfections to create the optimal corneal shape for each candidate. The VISX® STAR S4 IR Excimer Laser integrates with the WaveScan® to deliver precision custom reshaping of your eye. This laser’s unique features allow Dr. Chaiken to perform LASIK with the most advanced, safest and dependable results.

One year after the CustomVue procedure, patients in a clinical study reported these great results without glasses and contact lenses:

  • 100% could pass a driving test
  • 98% could see 20/20 or better
  • 70% could see better than 20/20

Although no individual surgical outcome can be guaranteed, these clinical studies, nevertheless, show the extraordinary effectiveness of this exciting new technology.

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To learn more about our Customized Laser Treatments or to make an appointment, please call our office at 212.249.1976.

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