Laser Vision Correction

Dr. Barry G. Chaiken, M.D. | AdvancedVue™ | LASIKDr. Chaiken has over a decade of experience in Laser Vision Correction (LVC), and uses his proprietary 5-step AdvancedVue Approach. This approach uses CustomVue Technology and the bladeless IntraLase method for predictable results, quick healing and a speedy return to your active lifestyle.

Dr. Chaiken’s 5-step AdvancedVue Approach is an exciting new way to improve your vision!

AdvancedVue™ Laser Vision Correction/LASIK

Dr. Chaiken’s outstanding outcomes are driven by his commitment to our proprietary 5-Step AdvancedVue™ Approach.

Step 1: Comprehensive Pre-Screening

Dr. Chaiken will perform a comprehensive eye exam and scan your eyes with the Oculus Pentacam. This sophisticated diagnostic device allows Dr. Chaiken to get the clearest picture of your cornea, and determine if there are any risks to laser vision correction that are unrecognizable by any other technique.

Step 2: Meticulous Pre-Operative Treatment

Dr. Chaiken is an expert at dealing with Dry Eye and Blepharitis, two common issues that can increase the risk of performing laser vision correction/LASIK. We aggressively treat these issues before surgery so you avoid complications after surgery.

Step 3: Creating your personal Vision Profile

Dr. Chaiken exclusively uses the Advanced CustomVue™ technology and IntraLasik technique to obtain the best results for his patients.

A. CustomVue® Technology: Barry Chaiken, M.D., P.C. was one of the first practices in New York to utilize Advanced CustomVue® technology. This technology allows us to record the precise optical imperfections of your eye and customize your laser treatment based on your unique ocular characteristics.

B. AdvancedVue™ Flap: The AdvancedVue™ procedure exclusively uses the bladeless IntraLase™ method. The IntraLase™ method is a 100% blade-free approach to creating your corneal flap, the thin flap of tissue that the doctor folds back in order to perform your AdvancedVue™ Lasik procedure.

Dr. Barry G. Chaiken, M.D. | AdvancedVue™ | LASIK

Dr. Barry G. Chaiken, M.D. | AdvancedVue™ | LASIK

Dr. Barry G. Chaiken, M.D. | AdvancedVue™ | LASIK

The IntraLase™ method delivers outstanding visual results – more patients achieve vision that is 20/20 or better when the IntraLase™ method is used. In a clinical survey of Lasik patients who had their corneal flaps created using a blade in one eye and the Intralase™ in the other, the IntraLase™ was preferred 3-1 (among those who had a preference).

Step 4: Attention to Detail

Unlike other practices, Dr. Chaiken takes personal responsibility for every detail during your treatment. He limits the procedures he performs per day to ensure that every detail is addressed appropriately

Step 5: Post-Operative Care

Dr. Chaiken insists on performing all pre- and post-operative work himself. LASIK’s inherent complication rate is very low. However, even under the most ideal circumstances, problems can arise which must be handled appropriately and in a timely manner so adverse results do not occur. Dr. Chaiken personally does all post-operative care to ensure that any potential issue is dealt with quickly and appropriately.


Dr. Barry G. Chaiken, M.D. | AdvancedVue™ | LASIK

Before AdvancedVue™ LASIK

Dr. Barry G. Chaiken, M.D. | AdvancedVue™ | LASIK

After AdvancedVue™ LASIK


Frequently asked questions about lasik

What does LASIK stands for?

  • Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis  – and in simple terms, it is vision correction laser surgery

How soon after lasik I can see clear?

  • Most patients see clearly the same day!

How soon after lasik I can exercise?

  • You can exercise the next day!  Keep the sweat out of your eyes, do not swim and do not do any contact sports.

How long the lasik result lasts?

  • For myopia, generally the rest of your life.  Your vision might change in the future.  Less than 2% of patients stable post lasik require an enhancement within 10 years.

Is lasik painful?

  • No

Can pregnancy affect the results of lasik?

  • Rarely

Can lasik cause cataract or glaucoma?

  • No

Dr. Chaiken uses several different laser vision correction procedures depending upon your specific needs, to help you achieve clear vision without glasses or contacts. To learn more, please use the contact form on this page. We will promptly get you the information you request or schedule an appointment for an evaluation.


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